Limitation of Liability:

The company known as (Way2EZ Movers) from this point forward shall be legally liable only for our own negligenceThe company assumes no liability for delays or loss or damage to goods caused by deterioration, war, terrorism, labor troubles, strikes, acts of God or the public enemy, riots, military or government actions, nuclear hazard, quarantine, the elements or other causes beyond the control of the Company. Also, the limits of liability for goods in storage and/or for transporting or handling will be strictly limited to $0.60/lb unless additional insurance is purchased based upon the terms and conditions of this contract.

Liability Exclusions:

The company is not liable for the mechanical or electronic functioning of any articles such as, but not limited to Computers, Televisions, Copiers, Pianos, Appliances, Refrigerators, Washers & Dryers, etc, whether or not such articles are packed or unpacked by the Company. The Company recommends that all such items be inspected and prepared for moving by a qualified service technician. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused to the goods by inherent vice, the very nature of an item being moved, such as, but not limited to the inadequate structural design of wood products and/or pressboard furniture, weakened fasteners or adhesive breakdown due to old age or changes in temperature or humidity. In no event shall the Company be liable for the loss or damage to information or data contained in computers, laptops, PDA’s, cameras, camcorders, on hard drives, disks, zip drives, floppies, memory cards or any other format for any reason whatsoever. We are also not liable for damage resulting from moths, vermin, or other insects, rust, spoilage, contamination, normal wear and tear, mold, mildew, fumigation, loss or damage or delay caused by or resulting from and act, omission or order of the Shipper or from the illegal transport or trade.


The Company is not liable for contents of drawers, containers, or other items of a similar nature unless we are paid to pack and unpack said items. We are also not liable for damages to Fragile Items unless we are paid to pack and unpack them. These items include, but are not limited to, Glass, China, Marble, Mirrors, Lampshades, Slate, Pictures, Artwork, etc. Further, the Company is not liable in any way for Cash, Cell Phones, Jewelry, Precious Stones, Bonds, Securities, Documents or other items of extraordinary value, even when packed and/or unpacked by our employees. Also, any items with a value in excess of $100 per pound must be declared in writing prior to the move. Shipper must list th3ese items on the high-value Items form which is a part of this contract. Failure to declare such high-value Items will result in the valuation reverting to Standard Valuation for those items.

Pairs and Sets:

For an article of articles which are a part of a pair or set, the measure of loss or damage to such articles shall be a reasonable and fair portion of the total value of the pair or set, giving consideration to the importance of said article or articles, but in no event shall such loss or damage be construed to mean the total loss of the pair or set or any part of the property consisting, when complete for use, or several parts, the Company shall only be liable for the value of the part lost or damaged.

Dangerous Articles:

Loss or damage contributed to or caused by transporting aerosol cans, cleaning fluids, paint, explosives, firearms, ammunition, biohazards, nuclear hazards, flammables, of any type and or dangerous goods are excluded. The Shipper hereby agrees to certify that none of the foregoing items will be contained or included within the shipment and further agrees to indemnify Company against any loss or damage caused by the inclusion of these or similar items.

Ownership of Property:

The Shipper has represented and warranted to the Company that he/she is the legal owner or in lawful possession of the property tendered for storage and/or transportation, and has the legal right and authority to contract for services for all of the property tendered upon provisions, limitation, terms and conditions herein set forth. In the event of litigation as a result of the breach of this clause, Shipper agrees to pay all charges that may be due together with such costs and expenses including attorney fees which this Company may responsibly incur or become liable to pay in connection herewith and Company shall have the right to assert, pursue, and perfect a line on said property for all charges that may be due it for such costs and expenses.

Complaint / Claims Procedure:

All items MUST be inspected by Shipper at the completion of the move. Any claims of damage or non-delivery MUST be made at the completion of the move and noted on the invoice. The Company shall have the right to INSPECT and REPAIR and damaged articles and it shall be at the sole discretion of the Company as to whether an article should be repaired, replaced or the Shipper paid cash compensation. As such, all damaged items must be kept available for inspection, including cartons in which items were packed. The Company reserves the Rights of Salvage on any damaged article. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for the loss of use of the property or any decrease in value of any article or item. By signing the Furniture / Property Received portion located on the invoice, the property owner is acknowledging receipt of the property with no reported damages, unless properly noted.

Telephone: 540-257-5012
All related phone cost shall be understood as the responsibility of the Shipper.

Entire Contract: This contract represents the entire agreement of the parties hereto, and applies to all additional services rendered by the Company for the Shipper. Only an officer of the company has the authority to modify the Terms and Conditions of this contract, and then only in writing; the Company will not be bound by any promise or representation made at any time by any other person unless made in writing and signed by an officer of the Company.

Said Shipper understands and agrees they may access the Federal Consumer Protection information on the Internet or links which can be found on Way2EZ Movers website.